Tun Tavern Social Coming Up!!!

Come out to the Backyard Waco at 511 South 8th Street Waco, Texas 76706 on May 31, 2019 at 1800 to gather with our fellow Marines! TunTavern.2ndqtr.Apr-June2019 Below is the view of the bar from the front. It is right across the street from the Veterans Affairs regional center near the Silos of Magnolia.


George Washington denies a Crown

After the revolution was completed, the colonies were unsure if they could govern themselves. Due to this, George Washington received a letter  from Colonel Lewis Nicola  asking that he become a King. The strength of George Washington's character and conviction shined through. America exists because of this man. On May 22, 1782, George Washington responded … Continue reading George Washington denies a Crown

Gunpowder, the Bahamas, and the First Marine Killed in Action

by Jeff Dacus of the Journal of the American Revolution. In the summer of 1775, George Washington assumed command of the Continental Army outside Boston and immediately began the process of organizing his forces. He demanded strength returns of all the regiments and an accounting of supplies available. In August, Washington learned that instead of 308 … Continue reading Gunpowder, the Bahamas, and the First Marine Killed in Action